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The Rangers advance by beating the Yankees 3-2 in the first round! Despite the worst regular season record in the past three years, Rangers make the best playoff record so far by reaching the AL championship games. The series MVP award goes to 1B J.Moore, who went 5/12 with a double, home run, 3 RBIs, and 3 walks to help contribute to the three Ranger wins.

Despite 2 early wins, Rangers lost 2-3 to the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. GM and Head Coach Yu-Chi Wang vowed to come back again.

Rangers made the playoffs again! It is the second time in a roll that Rangers became the wildcard team in the playoffs. Fans are celebrating on the streets for the repeated appearance and rumor has it that, if the Rangers can eventually win the World series, Generla Manager Yu-Chi Wang will likely become the top candidate for the Dallas city mayorship.

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